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scout scope on M14

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seen FMJ's scout mounted set up on an other thread, and was wondering how that set up handled. what type of scope would you use with this.
I had a scout mounted aimpoint, on mine, which I was very happy with. but I only have one M1A so I went back to the traditional M25 set up, which I am partial to. I'm currently working on a scout mount for an aimpoint type scope for the M14 and should have pics soon. thanks,
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I tried and immediately removed the Springfield (Inc.) "Scout Squad" rifle mount with the M68 CCO (Aimpoint). It works, but obscured the iron sights and has a slightly different zero than the irons. The mount gets quite hot if you shoot a lot, but I don't know if this affects zero or not. This was a standard issue M68 CCO, so different mounts may not block the iron sights. The Springfield Scout Squad mount itself is merely held on by a couple of set screws and I'm not confortable it'll withstand even slight abuse without moving out of zero.

I use the M68 on my M4 Carbine, but am quite happy with the iron sights on the M14.

-- Chuck
Hi Rooster33

You can get the mount from SA part#MA5056. You can mount a Red dot,
scout scope and a pistol scope on it. On pistol scope you'll have to mount
a little farther than the scout scope in order to get a good Field Of View(FOV)

I have been shooting a modified version of Fred’s AQT targets. Started with his targets at short range and now we use the full distance and full size target. With my tired eyes I need all the help I can get, especially since the target is approximately 12”wide and 18 or 19” tall. The range is from close, out to 500 yards. You have sixty seconds to get 20 hits on the target. I have found that if you think this sounds easy …… then you have most likely not tried it!
The scout mount and Leupold scout scope work the best, if you’re trying to keep the weight down and you want it to still feel like a rifle. By using the Leupold QRW rings you can remove the scope in seconds and go back to the iron sights if need be. I started with the ARMS receiver mount and the Trijicon TA11E scope and found that the scope sat to high and the rifle didn’t feel like a rifle anymore. If you want to have some real fun, get some friends together, order a set of Fred’s AQT targets and give it a try. It’s the most fun I have had in many years of shooting, mostly because it’s so hard to do.
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