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Scout / Bush Barrel Questioin

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I can get a very nice scout/bush barrel. In looking at it the gas port hole is 0.076" dia. Isn't this the same as on a full length barrel? Shouldn't the bush/scout have a larger dia. gas port hole?
thanks all
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You have come to the right place, Sir!!!

Just look above your post to find the thread titled "Animator of the Year".

Our very own Dighawaii has posted an awesome animation on that very subject there. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Some of the old posts here in the Firing Line forum contain a bunch of useful information about take-down and maintenance, also.

Hope this helps.

Guess I am not looking at the right place as I cannot find the info :roll:
Aloha Thom:

I got a feeling DB meant his post for another thread where the person was asking how to disassemble his gun.

As for your question... I just read this very question and the person indicated that it might have been enlarged very insignificantly, indicating .002/.003.

Personally, my feeling is that if the gas cylinder distance has not changed then the gas port diameter should not necessarily be affected. I would also think that the remaining pressure behind the bullet after the gas port would be less than from a full length barrel if measured at the muzzle of both. But I am just guessing...

Shoot, I just read the thread asking this same question, but I can't remember where it was! :oops: Try checking the archives... I know this was discussed in length before...


Tom O.
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Thanks much, think I will get it but if anyone out there has the info I would really appreciate it.
I had the same question a little bit ago. I called Fulton Armory and asked if the gas port was any different between the two barrels. They put me on hold and came back and said they had measured both their bush barrel and the standard barrel gas ports and both were the same. Not satisfied with one opinion, I called SA inc, even though I am not their biggest fan anymore and talked to a tech about this. He said sometimes they need to be opened up a little and sometimes not. You have to just shoot it and see if it needs any modification. Let me know if you find out anything different.
Sorry thomjb :oops: :oops: :oops:

Dighawaii is absolutely right - I was posting some info for another member and had too many windows open at the same time. ](*,)

Didn't mean to cause any "misconfusement" - my apologies, Sir.


Thanks for the assist, TomO. :mrgreen:
Redbone and all thanks much for the info. Think I will get it and this makes me feel better about it.
I believe Smith Enterprise will open it up a little to ensure reliability. You can get short cycling, especial if the barrel gets dirty and some crud builds up in the port. Also, burrs in the port can have the same effect. I had to have mine tapped out a bit by Smith after encountering some short cycling. According to Smith, opening it up a little can't hurt and will only enhance reliability. Give them a call to get the exact dimension if you plan to DIY.
Thanks I will do that tomorrow.
Great help here, thanks all!
I've had to open the gas port to .078 ( std is .076) on all bush barrels I have installed to insure reliable extraction for all ammo types.

Never had any problems after this was done.

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Thanks for the info
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