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Scout’s Navy SSR Clone Build

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You may have missed my tease thread on this build which was actually started as a tease for two builds that turned into a tease for three builds. Here is a link to that thread if you missed it. Tease for USMC DMR and Navy SSR Builds | M14 Forum . This all started back in December of 2020 when Crazynoto posted a thread selling his Navy SSR kit.

I worked a deal with Crazynoto for a payment plan and had it paid off by March of 2021. The kit included an issued tan stock, original Crane contract heavy barrel, NM reamed flash hider, a Navy unitized gas system, and an original scope mount. I also had him shorten and paint a handguard to match the stock although cleaner in appearance.

I already had a couple M14 parts I had purchased off the forum so started looking for what I did not already have to complete this build. By September 2021 I had managed to gather everything I needed and as shown in the tease thread linked above I packed it up along with the USMC DMR and shipped both kits off the Forceman for him to do the build.

Here is a listing of what makes up this rifle and where they came from:USGI NM reamed flash hider – part of Kit from Crazynoto (M14F)
  • USGI NM front sight .062 – part of Kit from Crazynoto (M14F)
  • USGI unitized gas system and front band – part of Kit from Crazynoto (M14F)
  • Harris 1A2 Ultralight bipod – from seller on ARFCOM
  • Crane contract heavy barrel marked with CC – part of Kit from Crazynoto (M14F)
  • USGI painted handguard cut short – part of Kit from Crazynoto (M14F)
  • Original Navy SSR scope mount – part of Kit from Crazynoto (M14F)
  • Leupold 30mm scope rings std. height – from Kvesi22 (M14F)
  • Leupold Mk4 10x scope w/ M1 turrets – from EBay
  • Winchester trigger group – from WCS (M14F)
  • Winchester op rod – from WCS (M14F)
  • WCS NM op rod spring guide – from LRB
  • LRB NM receiver (no rear lug) – from Kash (M14F)
  • Winchester bolt – from Forecman (M14F)
  • USGI bolt guts – from M1sniper (M14F)
  • Op rod spring & connector pin – from Fulton Armory
  • McMillian issued Navy SSR tan stock with 1 rear and 2 front studs – part of Kit from Crazynoto (M14F)
  • Mil-force sling swivels – GroveTec from Midway USA
  • M14 faux selector lock and arm – from hawk
  • USGI magazine – already had an extra one
  • 1907 pattern leather sling (MRT 10-09) – from Random Guy (M14F)

This is the kit that started it all

Now for photos of some of the individual parts and their markings

WCS NM op rod spring guide

Winchester op rod

Winchester trigger group

Winchester bolt

Leupold scope rings

Leupold Mark 4 Scope

The Harris 1A2 bipod

USGI MRT marked 1907 Sling
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