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Scope recommendations?

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I have ordered a Bassett mount for my M1a...the Standard High Scope Mount Package. I want to use a light scope, and 4X would be enough power for the kind of shooting I am going to do. Also, I don't want to pay too much for the scope, as the iron sights are mainly what I plan to use. They are usable with the Bassett mount, but of course I would normally use them without the scope mounted. I would pay the price for a Leupold at around $600 (which seems to be a price you can get), as I would prefer to buy American if possible. I am not sure if their Mk4 Tactical is suitable for the M1a. It seems that it is more for the AR15 type of rifle.
Any suggestions?
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Do a search here on this forum on scopes and you'll pull up enough reading material to keep you occupied for days.

All kinds of opinions and price ranges.

I have a Leopold VX-2, 3×9 40mm on my Scout with a Bassett Picatinney rail.

Works OK, out to 100 or so yards, for old eyes that have been using glasses since being 6 years old.

I should have waited and saved up to get a better scope but it got to a point where I couldn't successfully use the irons.

Learn the rifle with the irons first while saving up a bit more for a nice glass, it will give you a base of how accurate the rifle really is before making any changes.
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