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scope question again :)

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Now that you all have gratiously helped with which brand of scope to get, now how about what size?
I Think Im going to get into comp. matches, as well as hunt with it. Would like to shoot LONG RANG COMP.

Questions, comments, and snide remarks welcome :p
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I use a simmons pro 50. It's a 50mm. I like that it is large enough to bring the light in well at dusk and even at night under a full moon. Works great for hogs! I also use it in sniper competitions and long range daytime hunting. For the price it's a great scope and way more reliable and easier to use than a lot of very expensive scopes.
Consider the military does'nt use anything much over 10x mainly because its very hard to free hand the higher magnifications, and you end up with a small field of view. 40mm on the front is a plenty with good glass, and it keeps the scope closer to the bore of the rifle. I like a variable scope over a fixed for the ability to turn down the magnification in closer shots.
I use a Leupold 3.5x-10x-40mm M1 long range on my M1a . I have hunted deer with it at 15 yards and at 300 yards. Competition shooting with it is fine also. Even the hot days 10x does'nt give to much mirage.
I got an 8x40x56mm that weighs 32oz (2lbs). Add an arms mount and rings probably close to 3lbs. I like it but I do not plan on humping the rifle very far.
If I was going to hump/hunt with it I would get something smaller.

Aside from the weight, size matters to the cheaper scopes but a 40 or 42mm scope with good glass will make up for the size. That said, I think a tasco SS is about perfect if you cant afford a leupold tac. Its not the best glass but is a very hardy scope.
Well, my scope is a Zeiss 10x. I like dotting the i's 8)
m14dan, Which Simmons pro50 do you have? what type mount and rings do you have?Thinking of getting help for these 51 year old eyes.
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