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Scope mounts on m14's?

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Scope mounts on m14's,are the weaver rail part post to be centered over the rifle? I would think so. I was told its a 3rd gen scope mount, 2 knobs, John Mason Co Inc brand. I got to lookin at pic and thinging the FS is SA comercila and makes me think then everything else is too. I will know when i get it.

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Here's a headsup Bravo2
Pic size is limited to 400 pixels wide as posted in "posting pics".

"open for business"
I have not figured out the way to get pic onto paint, it has the size adj future but got to figure out how to get pic there,lol. The way a fellow on here told me i could not get it to work then i tried another way and got it to paint but then i don't have the downsize option like it did when i went to paint another route. Its blown up evan more,lol. I won't post any more pics till i figure it out,lol.
Download a program called Irfanview 3.0 for resizing pictures. Awesome and free. Can resize anything to the right size as well as make some cool avatars.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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