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Hi Richie:

Welcome Aboard!!! You came to a Great place with lots of GREAT people here always willing to share information... a very Cool group!!!

I am partial to the ARMS #18 mounts... its the first mount that I used that worked!!! Now, I have two with a third on its way... so I have not had a chance to try the Smith Enterprise mount, however, I must say I have heard really good things about this mount...

The ARMS #18 and ARMS #22 QD rings is a good and, I think, fair priced setup if you want to put a scope on your M14/M1A...

Aloha and Best Wishes,

Tom O.

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I cant say one way or the other..I've heard some good or some bad.

Here's a partial list of M14/M1A scope mounts the I've seen or heard about. There may be more and they are not listed in any kind of order.

- Smith Enterprise
- McCann
- Brookfield
- Arms (#18)
- GG&G
- Springfield
- I think theres a few other generic ones as well like b-square or somthing
The one I have isnt anything to write home about..can't even remember where I got it. I only use it when I take non shoooters out to the range so they can hit the gong at 100. Sometimes just one "little success" will get them interested in shooting.
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