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Scope Info Please

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Hello All,
I have TWO questions that maybe you guys can help me out with.
1) Why is it better to have a 40mm objective lens instead of a 50mm when scoping a M1A/M14? I know (I think :) ) it has something to do with how high the scope rides AND Long Distance Shooting at 500-1000m and how the extra 10mm can put you off target at those distances.

2)I currently have the Springfield 4-14X50mm Gen III Lum Ret with internal Bubble... I have the opportunity to even trade (tomorrow) with someone for a Leupold Vari-X III 6.5 - 20x40mm A.O..... Would this be a good trade?? :? It seems like the Leupold would meet my needs for Long Range shooting. It just doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that my Springfield has.

Thanks in advance,
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Doc, TRADE :!: The Leupold is a better quality scope, and if you ever want to get rid of it in the future you will get more for the Leupold.

As for the 40mm Vs. the 50mm. Good quality glass makes up for the difference. A 40mm with good glass and light transmission will out do a medium quality 50mm any day. The height is also a consideration, but weight is a larger problem. A M1A/14 all decked out with a scope and bi-pod gets heavy. Put the hubble telescope on top and you need wheels to roll it along. :lol:
CR is absolutly right on this one, I wouldnt take an SA Inc scope as a gift.

And weight is a biggy here too, I put a 6-24X50 on my loaded standard, scope and mount added about two and a half pounds to the total rifle weight, and thats alot to hump around when the rifle already weighs in at almost ten pounds.


Go leupold
Doc, I had two springfield scopes like yours,they werwboth sent back to springfield more times then I can count. Most of the time it was the focus nob freezing up. I finally throu them out and bought a couple of leupold mark 4s. The mark 4 has a 40 mm lens that well out shine a 50 mm springfield any day. and with the right mounts the 40 mm well sit a lot closer to the rifle Try a leupold, you wont be sorry.


I will do the trade tomorrow!! Now all I have to do is find someone who wants ARMS High rings and trade them for ARMS Mediums. LOL :lol:

Thanks Again
No prob Doc

hope I helped some :lol:

Let us know how it turns out once you get it mounted.

Aloha Doc:

Let us know how the trade goes and if the trade was in fact a positive one... I hope all goes well and you end up with the better deal (scope).

I have and use Leupold Mark 4, VX-III, VX-II and M8 scopes, as well as Tasco SS scopes in 10x and 20x, and SA scopes in 6-20X and 10X.

Operationally and mechanically, I have not had a problem with any of my scopes, from the cheapest Tasco SS to most expensive Mark 4.

The issue of weight is a major consideration, as a SA is much larger and heavier than equivalent powered 40mm Leupold scopes. However, I am not familiar with the issue of 40mm vs. 50mm objective lens making LR shooting less precise if you have a larger objective.

The Leupold that you indicate if it has the target knobs ( http://www.riflescopes.com/store/prodinfo.asp?number=LEU49802 ) is a good scope at $566. The other standard model ( http://www.riflescopes.com/store/prodinfo.asp?number=LEU45263 ) might be a thinker and require you look and play with it if possible.

The Gen III 4-14x56mm retailed at about $600 and while discontinued, did come with illuminated reticles, mil-dots, finger-type turrets...

The deal that you are contemplating seems like a $$ wise fair trade but alot of it would depend on you and your preferences.

Leupold's are good scopes but I have not had a reason to "dump" my SA scopes as of yet.

Just my $.02.


Tom O.
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Thanks for the info... I was looking for a price on the scope that I am concidering to trade for...It is the one you sent me the link for WITH the target knobs... and target dot... ( http://www.riflescopes.com/store/prodinfo.asp?number=LEU49802 )
@ & 599.00. It is mounted on a rifle in a shop and he is willing to give me a reciept and warrenty as new.
I think I am going to do it as it will lighten up my rifle when it is mounted.

Also... could you please tell me will I have to go to A.R.M.S. Medium Rings from my now A.R.M.S. High Rings??? If so I should not have a problem trading with someone because there is currently a Back Order on the High Rings.

I will post pics when I get it mounted.

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