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Has anyone taken a m-14 to one of (THE SCHOOLS) like Thunder Ranch or a school where the m-14 would appropriate? If so, how did it do?
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Most of the "schools" I've visited have the students shooting 600 rounds from the low ready in a weekend. You'd best be pumping iron for months before that if you expect to get a M14 to your shoulder for more than a couple hundred rounds! I've been offered good money for an M4 upper receiver from guys shooting AR15 HBARs at these courses -- offered at first break Saturday morning.

Pennsylvania Firearms Development Corp (PFDC) has several good weekend courses (Friday night to Sunday afternoon) over in Pittsburgh several times a year and is money well spent regardless of the rifle you bring. Will give you an idea if you want to spend your year's vacation and a bunch of money flying out west for other courses. PFDC is a quick drive across I70.

-- Chuck
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