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sarco armscorp recievers

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does anyone have any experience with thier citadel barreled armscorp recievers ? tia Rob
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Sarco sells two types of Armscorp recievers with the Citadel barrels installed.1)Alternate recievers:the spring guide bore is oversized.They supply a bushing to install that will correct this problem.2)Standard rec.: this reciever is machined proper and has no major problems......all Armscorp recievers are warrantied to be in spec. even if purchased through Sarco. You can contact Claude Rankin at RA parts.He will take care of any problem(great guy and great prices on M-14 parts).I would recomend spending the extra money and getting a standard grade not the alternate.I have a Prebam Armscorp reciever for a current build im doing.I also just sold a new Armscorp reciever to a local gunsmith and he found it to be a little (rough) BUT a well made part wich can easily be corrected.I hope this helps.Ray
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