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Still going through boxes and cans of misc. stuff and found these items,All are USGI except I believe the 2 windage knobs are SAI versions. One of the buttplates is KMT marked as well as the op rod spring guide.The trigger is for a M1 but will work fine in the M1A
Included are a parts breakdown:
2 buttplate assemblies I makred KMT, with top & bottom screws and rear swivels,these came off CMP stocks.
1 combo tool
1 KMT marked spring guide
2 trigger pins
1 M1 trigger
1 hammer plunger ,spring,housing
1 spindle valve,spring,pin
1 mag catch
1 rear site base cover
2 front swivels
1 op rod guide
1 front site screw
1 castle nut set screw
2 SA marked windage knobs,Believe they are commercial?
5 handguards,no clips but decent shape.
Hows $110.00 sound for it all shipped.Again first I'll take it followed by a PM geyts it.I accept PAYPAL as a gift or money orders
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