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SAIGA 308 SA -12

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I purchased a Saiga 308 SA-12 rifle with 22" barrel and a European designed wood stock last week. I had a choice of that or a CQB type with 16" barrel and black stock that was $30 less. After my experience with a CETME I was concerned about reliability and accuracy so I went with the 22" and wood. After a degreasing and cleaning I put 100 rounds of Barnul 140 gr. thru it with out any problems. At the 40 yd. range with iron sites (small rear opening) I shot 2"ish groups - very very mild recoil particularily for an under 9 lb. rifle so follow up shots were quick (using FRED's tank target I could keep all rounds grouped in the tank). As I shoot lefty and righty it works great as brass is thrown at 1:30 about 12 feet. AK type scope mount was $50 and I will be mounting a scope on it this weekend and test with a variety of ammo. Clean up was AK simplicty. The only con I have found so far is availability and capacity of magazines - the one with rifle is an 8 rounder polycarbonate and spares are $35 or 3 for $75 - all 8 round capacity. Sunset of crime bill which will allow higher capacity mags - however if not 8 rounds of accurate fire is better than 20 rounds of fire from some of the 91 clones. So far I would recommend as a positive alternative to any of the non other non M14 types.
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www.cdnninvestments.com sells extra mags for $24. They are out right now but check with them about future availability. You can shorten the legs of the follower and mag will accept ten rounds.

Years ago NRA tested a Finnish 7.62 NATO AK and said it was the mildest recoiling rifle in that caliber! I have a 16 inch version and I think they are right. Using US made stock, pistol grip, hammer, disconnector and trigger, I converted mine to military configuration. There are threads on how to do this on www.ak-47.net.
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