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Sage has 1 Nsg M14ALCS/CV chassis with numbered rails available for sale

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I got this off of there facebook page to anyone interested

SAGE Ordnance Systems Group
We have ONE Navy Grey M14ALCS/CV chassis with numbered rails available for sale.
The chassis was a rep sample.
It ships with tan two-piece Kydex and a tan Tango-Down pistol grip. There is a small scratch on the left side. It has never been on a rifle. It ships AS IS!
Note that this is not a regular stock item.
Price is $1000.00 Call 989 739 2200 to buy.
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Talked to tammy this morning this one is coming home with me thanks to the OP i never look at face book
You just saved my marriage - thank you!
Be sure to post a picture of your new baby - enjoy!
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