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Sage chasis vs Sadlak mount

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I currently have a standard 22in SAI with an SEI mount on it. Problem is that the SEI mount is way off and I can't use it. I had sent it to SEI to have them install it correctly and that's the way it came back. I remember reading or them telling me that SAI receivers aren't milspec like their mounts are made for.

I just finished reading the article about the sage chasis in special weapons and was surprised at the results that they were getting from regular service grade rifles.

Before reading that article I ordered a sadlak groove inspection kit to possibly have one of their airborne mounts made for my rifle so it would fit nicely and I could finally start shooting my 22in to longer distances.

So here I am. Should I buy the sadlak or drop a little extra money on the Sage EBR? I see some people running the sage with a sadlak or SEI mount but others with the stripper clip guide rail. I've been reading through some of the EBR threads but Im not totally sure what I should do. I'd hate to end up with another mount that doesn't fit that great but I don't want to buy the stock just to have to buy a mount anyway.

The range I belong to has a few ranges at it and one is an 800 meter unknown distance range. I'm not some super sniper guy but like to shoot when I can and have been wanting to get the most out of the rifle.

Im looking forward to your thoughts gentlemen.