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Safety sticks

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My safety is sometimes extremely difficult to pull back into the on position. :( I've taken the trigger assembly out of the stock and checked it over and relubed it. Still sticks. Any ideas? TIA Hawk
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Check for a burr on either the safety or on the hammer where the safety engages. I have had safeties that are next to impossible to engage, but never had one that wouldn't release. What are the marks on the two items?
can't read all the markings unless I disassemble the trigger group. But everything is SA.(USGI)
Hawk: Springfield Armory now uses repro hammers in their trigger groups for the M14. If you have 28287-2 cast into the hammer's side it is a repro. On the GI the marking is on the surface that strikes the housing when fired.
Bill, Hammer marked SA05546003 I believe it's USGI.
Yes and I thought my eyes were bad. It is SA D5546008. :lol:
presumidably not as bad as mine :lol: bad source of light and also part is still in trigger group :wink: Thanks Bill :!:
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