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Sadlak tools?

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Hello everyone,

I have now passed 500 rounds through my beloved Springfield Standard M1A and I know I need to clean my gas system soon. I have done some research and found another post about how certain Sadlak tools did not fit certain runs of the m1a due to dimension differences. My standard was made last year and there wasn't much updates from the post on whether or not a separate tool was made specifically for non-usgi dimension parts.

I am looking to buy the 4-piece sadlak tool set but is there anything else I need to clean the gas system?

Also does the sadlak wrench have a ball bearing tool (to lube the roller bearing on the bolt) integrated into it? I see a lot of holes but cannot find any information on this.

If the information is already out there I apologize ahead of time for submitting a redundant post but I just want to buy a set of tools that will last a while and make sure its a one time purchase.

Thank you all!
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45 bore brush is perfect for the gas system
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