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I bought a M14 Scout in a Sage stock from a friend who was having some problems. He included a Sadlak spring guide that he had not gotten around to installing. I have never owned a M14 before, and know nothing about the M14 or the Sage stock. But, I now begin my education.

I have read nearly everything I could on this site about advice on removing the "barrelled action" from the Sage, and that is where my confusion starts. Some say do not, some say ok but only rarely.

I DO want to install this spring guide, and also lube the gun (which my friend never did before he built up the Sage).

My question is this: Is there any "problems" I should be alert to or prepared for as I begin...either while taking it apart or in putting it back together? For example, the instructions say you may need to "tap" the action into the stock due to the tight fit. If that was the case, then I may have to "tap" it out of that tight fit to removed it from the stock. So, what "area" or spot from underneath the stock should I "tap" to help move the action from the stock without rocking it back and forth?

I found the "installation" instructions" on this site and printed them out, but there's nothing like asking folks who have actually done the task for first hand hints or advice.

I've just never worked on one of these before, and don't want to screw it up on my first rattle out of the box. All advice/hints welcomed!

Thanks, guys.

remove the trigger group, remove either the 5 or 6 cap screw on the top guard and remove that, remove the kydex handguard and then remove the 3 button head screws that screw into the op rod guide. If your barreled receiver is hard to come out, turn the rifle upside down, one hand holding the heel of the receiver and the other hand on the barrel. Tap the rear of the stock on a counter and it will come out.
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