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SA Supermatch update

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Sometime back I posted the saga of a NIB SA supermatch that came with all sorts of problems. Well, it's back. SA did fix all the problems and even replaced the stock. I fired it yesterday and all went well. It would take to long to give you the whole story of dealing with SA customer service so here are a few thoughts. DALE RADER in the rifle department is about the ONLY person that understands rifles at SA and is who I would ask for if my rifle was in for repair :!: DEBBIE at ext. #399 will go the extra mile for you, but knows nothing about firearms as far as I can tell. If it's more than replacing a part send it to someone else for smith work :!: :!: :!:

Just my .02
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I sent an M1A I'd purchased over the 'net in for refurbishment (rebarrel & refinish mostly, a few other things too) a few months back.

Dale Rader oversaw the job for me & I am extremely pleased with the result.

Glad you got your problem(s) resolved.
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