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SA super match camo

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I am new to the board but not to M1A's. I have owned two standard grade SA's over the years and have gotten good service. One of the rifles was built up a bit and I used it to shoot NRA high power. Now I am interested in a higher end rifle to shoot a few matches with and as a scoped medium range marksmans rifle for my police duties. I have wanted a supermatch for years and now have the ability to purchase one. I would welcome any input on the SA/SM.
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MsgtMaze said:
Hi C.R.

You could send one of your rifles to Ron Smith http://www.smithenterprise.com/ to have it built into what you want. Ron can even install a rear lug or front & rear bolted lug if you wanted. Smith's turn around time is very fast and you would have all G.I. parts :p . http://www.smithenterprise.com/m14_rifle_service.htm#STANDARD MATCH It would probably cost somewhere in the same neighborhood as a Springfield Super Match?

I've had three rifles rebuilt by Ron and I can't say enough about the quality of his work. http://msgt-maze.com/SmithForgedM14NM.html http://msgt-maze.com/SmithM14.html

What fine M14's you have there! Wow :) Two Smith Enterprise M14's! You're a lucky man 8)
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