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SA Stabilizer/Suppressor

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Does anyone have info or opinions of a SpringField Armory Stabilizer/FH/Recoil Reducer? I installed one and have yet to experience it (dang, if they don't fix the roads, I'll never get to the range... its been over 3 weeks since I last got to go shooting :cry: ). I am hoping it will reduce the bounce when using my Harris bipod.

One downside is that its outer diameter is a bit larger than the NM FH so the plastic condom won't fit. Looks like I better start getting used to the old latex ones (should I use lubricated or no :wink:) :lol: .

Man, I am going to go nuts if I don't get to the range soon! I have lots of experiments I want to try out. I'll give a report if I ever get there.


Tom O.
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Tom .....

I do believe Mr. Ricca had posted some info on this somewhere once but offhand I can't recall just where .....

I'm sure he'll chime in here with some info for ya soon .... :wink:

Aloha my friend .....

Ok Six:

Hope Bill spots this. In the mean time, I'll start the search.


Tom O.
I also had the delima over the sight protectors not fitting. :? Just used a knife and cut the tube portion off. :) This leaves the sight still protected, you just have to check your bbl prior to shooting.........

Thanks MsgtMaze:

That is a great idea! :lol:


Tom O.
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