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Zeroing drifts at differnt temperatures will be affected.

Metallurgically speaking - The use of two dissimilar metals with different temperature coefficients will result in different expansion/contraction of both metals when heated or cooled. So good luck any time you use aluminum mounts or rings that are then are used against a steel receiver. Always use similar steel receivers with steel mounts, and steel rings - That is best practice.
Never go cheap when buying scopes - buy once, not twice, and buy the best you can afford.
I see that all the time, A $1500 rifle, with a $50 mount, $20 rings, and a $100 scope. You get exactly what you pay for.

The way I figure the math, is up to same price for the scope, I know it hurts, maybe you can find one for 1/2 the price of the rifle, but it would not be the best, $250 to $400 for the mount, and $200 to $300 for the rings.
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