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SA NM rear sight issues, please help!

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I disassembled my Springfield loaded model's NM rear sight in order to install a hooded NM apeture sight last night. I finally got everything back together and I now have about 1/16" to 1/8" gap between the back of my receiver and the rear portion of the rear sight base. Everything works but I have this big gap. I forgot to see if this gap existed before I took the sight apart. I looked at my SA standard model and the GI sights are sitting right on the back of the receiver. I disassemblled it too and put it back together without problems. The NM sight on my loaded is the ball bearing type. Am I missing something? The rear sight cover doesn't look nearly as well snapped in as the standard, but it is in there correctly. please help. thanks Billy
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You may need to file down the tail of the NM aperature. There should be a thread on this board or another rifle board that describes how to install a new NM sight and aperture. Use Search to see if you can find one.
That's not the problem, I already put 3 different apetures in , all the same, I just got off the phone w/ Springfield and they said that some of their rifles are like that. Billy
I had a non hooded NM rear sight in before, it was not stoned, just square on the end. Then I took my NM stoned hooded rear from my standard abd installed it. When I put all the parts together it set flush on the rear of the receiver. Buy when I tighten it up it raises up about1/16" to 1/8". On my standard with any rear sight it always sits flush and the rear cover looks like it fits properly, how do I take the rear sight cover off without damaging it? I called Springfield and asked to talk to an Armorer and the lady said that they were in a meeting but she asked around and replied to me that some of the rear sight bases have gaps and others do not. She said it was totally normal and it will function fine and not to worry. I'll try to round up a digital camera and take some detailed photos. Do you think that a new sheet metal rear sight cover would do the trick? I wish I would have paid more attention to it prior to dissasemble. I know I got everything back in there right, I stripped down my standard USGI sight and reassembled it w/ no problems , I know the NM SA sight is different but noe that different. Let me know what you think...thanks Billy
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When I take the rear sight apart, after removing the windage dial, elevation spindal and the aperature, I just pop the spring cover with a large screw driver. You should buy a few spring covers and try them, it is good to have extra ones. Also, you can VERY CAREFULLY bend the spring cover in a vise to adjust the tension.

The NM sights always seem harder to install and adjust than a standard one. One reason might be they tend to be aftermarket manufacture. Another is the closer tolerances of the sight.
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