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SA M14 Magazines

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Years ago when attending gun shows like the Stratford or Glastonbury show in Ct, Springfield Armory stuff was quite plentiful. Each show another goodie would show up. In the mid 1970's I met a former SA employee (one of many I met at these shows) who worked on a committee for testing the reliability of M14 magazines. The time period was in the late 1950's, just after the rifle was adopted around 1958/59.

Years later after the testing was done the magazines were packed for distribution and use. I managed to get these two packs, one is marked FIRED the other is marked NOT FIRED. I am not sure whether the NOT FIRED were magazines used as a manufacturing control group or not, but the ones marked FIRED surely were used in the testing.

The magazines are in cardboard trays covered with plastic and are visible through the wrappers.

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Wow!!! Bill, I bet if you threw them on auction, they would go for some really big bucks...

I just saw a show on the History Channel on Firearms and their Value, and some people would pay really big bucks for anything unusual... and it looks like you got your hands on some really unusual items there!!!

Good for you... that is really COOL!!!


Tom O.
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