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SA barrel index off?

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I've got a Springfield Armory that tends to shoot to the left. Last time I shot at 200, 300, 500 yards, each shot group was off to the left -- even if I adjusted for windage at the previous yardage.

I heard once that that could be a result of an improperly timed or indexed barrel, and one way you could tell was if you had to move your front sight post way over to the right. -- which I do on this one. Right edge of sight is almost touching right edge of front sight base on FS.

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If the front sight is all the way to the right, the barrel is over indexed.
While I prefer to have them as close to the middle as possible, yours is acceptable as long as it doesn't "over hang" off the base of the flashider.

You could send it back to SA Inc. and have them correct their mistake or someone else who knows what they're doing.

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