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Russian SKS adventure.....target pics..........

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I thought I'd post these targets to report some ammo and to realistically portray the accuracy potential of the SKS. I found this enlightening, to say the least :shock: . I know the SKS is not the favorite rifle around here but this was fun to do.

The rounds were loaded singly which is significant as I found the single ten shot group fired (last one shown) was likely aided by not having to reload since it's difficult to maintain your NPA reloading w/o strippers. It took some effort to find the rifle's "sweet" spot with its short length of pull in the prone position; I cut my eye with my right thumbnail, if that tells you anything. I think the rubber stock spacer may be in order. Also, in prone, length of pull affects where your left hand rides on the stock as well; the shortness tends to make me want to rest my left palm on the barrel....ouch!

I shot this rifle, a std 51 Tula with a trigger job by yours truly, a "buffer", a loop sling I rigged using a USGI web sling, the safety latch radiused/relieved slightly to allow easier finger access to the trigger, lapped crown, stock shimmed in the rear, and the butt plate painted with "grit" paint so as not to slip easily.


The tests were 20 shot groups fired in the PRONE position at 100 yards at a 6" bull so that representative dispersion could be seen. The rounds were fired successively without timing or waiting between rounds; the rifle was allowed to cool to the point of being able to comfortably hold the barrel between groups. Master Sergeant...I was posing so I know my left arm was not far enough under the rifle!


above two pics were linked as they were larger than the required 400 maximum width. The Range Officer

This target is the white box Russian; the box is attached to the target. I don't know which plant makes this ammo. I bought a case some time ago.

Next was Barnhaul HP, which made a good showing for itself and is the best of the "Russian" ammos in my rifle.


No.3 target was Winchester USA white box; it showed excellent potential but the soft primers doubled twice in 20 rounds resulting in a few rounds off the target. I wouldn't recommend this ammo unless you have a spring on your firing pin...... :wink:

No.4 was UMC ball and was interesting in that it had small rifle primers. It also doubled twice and pushed some shots off target....same advice regarding a firing pin spring with this ammo.

No. 5-8 was with the "Cheetah" ammo samples I rec'd from Frisco Pete. :D Vector Arms has about a year's supply left at current sales rates and they do not plan to order any more :cry: