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Rule's of 2's....uhhh..3's....

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I just picked up my new baby.. :wink: a M1A super match in camo it has a SA 6-20x56 Mil Dot government model scope w/leupold mark 4 rings on a SA scope mount. It was on consignment and my good friend Glock Armorer said that the other two M1A's that I have needed a brother for company :!: .I have installed a Smith Enterprise muzzle brake so it is Kalistan legal....dam laws...it looked better the other way :!: :!: .
My question is how could I mount a Harris bipod on this McMillan fiberglass stock :?: And what grain ammo shoot's best 155gr or 168gr match ammo :?: Also would it be ok to install a Buffer Tech Recoil Buffer :?: :?: .I know in the instruction sheet SA doe's not recommend removing the reciever from the stock because of the glasss bedding.
Thank you
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Cool deal! where did you pick that bad boy up from (since Im in the bay area too)?

Some guys have all the luck. I live in wonder, how they will let you handle Nitromethane but not a 50 BMG. Nothin like the smell of nitromethane in the morning. The answer to your question depends on the twist in your barrel. Usually they are either 1 in 10 or 1 in 11. IIRC heavier bullets
don't need to spin as fast to be stabilized as lighter ones. It still may be trial by fire no pun intended to see which works best for you.

I live in the bay area too - do share!
Congrats on your find!!
I picked up the super match @ Canyon Sports in Martinez. What shooting range do you go to :?: .I shoot @ USI range in Concord.

Maybe I'll see you at the range in Concord
Oh yes...I love the smell of Nitro and burning rubber at the dragstrip in the morning :!: :!:
The Douglas barrel is a 1 in 10
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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