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Ruger precision rimfire

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A shooting buddy bought one last year and insisted I take it with me for a few days to try it. I did and enjoyed it. This year another 2 shooting buddies bought one. Now call me a fashion victim.

I saw one for sale used but almost new already geared up (scope, rings, bipod), but couldn’t agree on a price with the seller. His argument was that he needed that sum to buy the next toy, which is a silly argument to me since his needs do not dictate second hand market value.

I called the local dealer and he had exactly one left NIB, and it was discounted too. Ordered a Viper Diamondback 4-12 and a M-lok adapter. Checked my parts box for rings and a bipod.

50 shots at 50 meters in abt 10 minutes

A fun toy for sure
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Those are fun little rigs. Shoot it at 100 to see how it fares. My son was shooting his in a local 100 yd rimfire match. It did pretty good after pulling the barrel and recrowning. Looked like factory used a single flute wood countersink to crown it. After that she would stack rounds pretty good. Also, we switched to a ten round mag as the fifteen rounder always jammed. Maybe these newer gen RPRr guns have been tweaked. Enjoy your new toy!!
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