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Ruger 77 Compact - .308 - any opinions?

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Does anyone have any experience with the Ruger 77 Compact model? I am considering purchasing one for my great-grandson. I already know about the terrible trigger. Thanks for the help.
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My buddy has a 77 in .270. He loves it. He has a Leupold on it that looks like the hubble. His thoughts are that the .270 was great for shooting, speed, flat tragectory, etc. but he didn't like hunting deer with it the rounds will ice pick or tumble before fragmenting.

After he and I spoke about it, I am considering buying the 77 in .308 for my father. I have heard the comments about the trigger, but I hear that these can be easily remedied.

I am interested to hear how your decision goes and what made your great-grandson happy.
Well, Dude.....

"Well Dude" would have sounded better if John Wayne said it......I picked up the little 77 Compact today and slapped a Leupold Compact 2x7 on it and it looks good so far. I almost makes me wish I were half my size. I have pistols about the same size! It looks like fun and I hope he likes it. Does anyone have a link to instructions on a trigger job for it?
Here is a start...

http://www.jardinc.com/ ... I can't attest to the reputation.

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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