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my ballistics program got a big update (ballistic AE field edition)

one new feature is when setting up a ballistics profile you can sort loads that do specific things (flatness, wind drift , etc )

i chose wind drift and came across 196gr ruag ap swiss.

is there an older source for this simce ap rounds can not be found
marketed to us unwashed masses.

what about a similar projectile?

i see they also make a 168 gr "target" type with a decent bc.

i also want to try the 150 gr norma accubond wich is what you get when you want "flattest load"

just some thoughts as i try to find the best med/long range loads for my shorter barrles .308s.

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Great stuff, but like you said, pretty much impossible to find.

I've got several different loads in 7.62x51mm/.308 from their Swiss P line. Outstanding ammo.......shoots better than any factory load I've shot. I've run it through my custom bolt action and my JP Enterprises LRP-07.

It would be great if it were readily available for sale here in the US, although I bet it would be some expensive stuff.
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