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Rooster 33 spring guide....update

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I received the spring guide from sixTgunr today (thanks
Rick) being a machinist myself, my first impression was how
well made it is, next I compared it to the USGI that it is replacing,
it's right on the mark. Next I installed it, wow, I have to admit
that the action cycles much smoother and, closes with authority.
Now I don't know if there will be any improvement in the accuracy
department, but I'll find out how it operates this weekend (heat
wave coming 30 degrees) I do like how it keeps that spring inline
with the op rod. I would add, there is little room between the spring
and guide at this point, which could be a problem with dirt/grit getting
trapped inside the op rod in a SHTF situation, perhaps causing a
jam. In those types of scenarios I would revert back to the original
GI, lots of room to expel dirt. All in all a very nice item for the
range or CMP shoots. IMHO :)
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M14 Fun

I'm so glad you 'Mericans can get hold of Rooster33's Op Rod Spring Guides. It's too bad we can't send you any of those $ USD 300 M14 Norinco-Plinkos from here in Kanada. :wink:

I've got 2 of them (following the rule of two's) :lol:

Now I gotta figure out a way to buy another Rooster33 Op Rod Spring Guide.


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Right here on this here forum, under the category M14 related links, you will find a link to Rooster 33 and a lot of other essential sites. Good Luck!
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