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  • Juggernaut Tactical Rogue bullpup conversion stock
  • Hammer forged 7.62mm Firearms receiver
  • TRW parts kit
  • 18.5" Criterion chrome-lined barrel
  • SEI Vortex flash hider
  • XS Tritium bar front sight
  • Unitized gas cylinder

I will send the currently unused parts from the TRW kit with the rifle (flash suppressor, rear sights, backup springs, etc.)

This is the history of the rifle before being converted to a Rogue: My Own Build

The only malfunction I've had after the receiver bridge was fixed was due to a weak load short-stroking from cheap ammo (the shot landed WAY low). So the rifle itself has been 100% reliable.

Magpul sights and foregrip not included.

Asking $3300. Willing to sell the Rogue kit separately for $1000.

I also have a collection of magazines available, but will not sell them before the rifle. Same goes for a USGI fiberglass stock, slightly loose and perfect for painting/bedding.


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