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http://m14forum.com/site-sponsors/ there are several good sources here.
http://www.brownells.com/ They have a schematic and just about every part for an M1a and a lot of tools
besides this check the PX here, I still look at ebay, gun shows, gun shops. pawn shops.
There is Gun broker.
If there is a one stop shop with all the best parts, at the best price I don't know where it is. Try to keep from spending too much on shipping. If there is a good buy on a particular part buy all you can. Combine orders and save shipping. Get to know prices, if there bis a good deal out there it won't be waiting around. I have to say I have been lucky with my parts purchases. I've got a few squirrled away now. GI1
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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