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Rhode Island, mag ban. Actual ownership ban over 10 rounds.

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All the states are a mixed bag of good and bad gun laws. A mag ban thats not a ban was recently passed here in WA state. It only says no further manufacture, sales or transfers of high cap mags after July 1.
Current ownership is grandfathered. In effect what they did was tell everyone to go out and buy up all the high cap mags before 7-1, which many obliged putting many more of them into private hands than before the ban was passed. Seems a bit counterproductive for their desires. There is no possession ban, fines or jail time.
In short the ban is a joke, though no further sales will be allowed.

On the other hand with concealed carry, WA is a "shall issue" state. Only thing you need do is pay the fee and pass the background check. Good for 5 years.
After those restrictions are in place, what stops anyone from going over the border and buying 50 Normal capacity mags with cash and saying they had them for years already?
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