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Well, FedEx brought the RG Danish WRA this morning, S/N 2, 493, *** made Sept. 1944.

It's not in bad shape. The stamping & machining on this receiver is quite a bit nicer than that of the last WRA I'd ordered - which is what I was hoping for. The finish is pretty worn but appears to be original. All of the parts except the receiver appear to be SA, incl. the barrel which is marked S-A-12-49.

The tag reads "WRA RACK MUZ D" on one side and "MUZZ: 3+ TE: 3" on the other. I tried a bullet test with some LC .30.06 and this is what I saw:

I dunno. What does it look like to y'all? I really need to get a set of my own TE & MW gauges

The only thing I have really seen wrong so far is that the peep is broken of the aperture. 8O Looks like it's been that way a long time too, from the color of the metal. I dunno.

The stock is in pretty good confition. No major gouges, just a couple of op rod storage dings on one side. The toe has been sanded down below the butt plate metal though. It ought to refinish well.

My plan ATM is to have this one rebarreled in .308 & reparked. Maybe a Wenig stock set too.
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Hillbilly: Thanks! I know the CMP will replace the aperture, and will send them an e-mail. I've got a few spares so I'll just use one of those for now.

I've got it stripped down, cleaned and oiled. Getting ready to wipe it down, lube & reassemble. Wil put it in a different stock until I get the one that came with it refinished.

Planning on taking my sons out to shoot their SKSs this weekend, will take this one along and try it out at the same time.

I'm pretty happy with it. It's a bit nicer than the 1st RG WRA I'd ordered (esp. the barrel).
Congrats Quag, on the new addition to your BR family!!! Cool!

Oh boy, you're getting some real beauties... Very Cool!

Keep the pics coming...


Tom O.
Well, the more I looked at it while cleaning it the more I liked it just the way it is. I believe that I'll put of the rebarrel to .308 for quite a while. :wink:

You want some more pics Tom? Why, certainly!! :lol:

After cleanup:

I think it cleaned up pretty nicely!! :D

I put it in a birch stock until I can get the original refinished. Unfortunately, once I got to really looking at the original stock, I could see that it was cracked on both sides, running from the rear of the trigger group inletting around the pistol grip & on into the butt stock. I guess I won't be refinishing this stock after all. I hope that the CMP will replace it. It's a darned shame too, the stock matched the hand guards perfectly. :cry:
That ain't no rack grade.
By the looks of the bullet test, I'd say about 1 or 1-1/2 on ME.

Very nice for sure.
Hey Quag,

The Birch stock looks really good on that Garand! Yep, I love looking at gun pics... keep em coming!


Tom O.
Managed to lay my hands on a MW gauge this evening. The muzzel on this rifle gauged at 2.8.

Very cool.
Very cool I would say your hooked on Garand's hope to give Cmp a call soon myself. Nice pic's thank's for sharing looking good.
Very Nice. You're tempting me to add one to my order. Those birch stocks are starting to grow on me. Have you been pretty happy with the RG Danes so far?
liftrat22: It's the 1st Danish rifle I've bought (my other WRA was just a straight RG WRA). I'll be shooting it later this afternoon, will post results afterwards.
I'm a little "green" :lol: with envey! Your Winny looks better than mine.
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