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I lost all of my rifles & handguns in a mishap on Rio Grande when the barge hit a sandbar and sank.
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The only copper wash military surplus ammunition was manufactured by China (copy of the Radway Green headstamps was used). In a bolt rifle you should not have an issue with it. I would not try firing it through a gas-operated rifle like our M1A's here...

RG 60 Chinese copies of British 7.62mm NATO L2A2 ball ammo with forged Radway Green markings. The lettering on the counterfeit cartridge headstamps are shallow and crude compared to that of Radway Green. The ammunition was copper-washed steel-jacketed bullets with copper-washed steel cases and corrosive primers. It came packed loose in a green-painted 300-round zinc "spam can" with a cloth handle attached to "D-rings" on the sides. It also came packed with knockoff 5-round British Mk.3 chargers marked with forged MTY 60 markings (indicating Mettoy, a former British government contractor); these came packed 5 to a can. The knockoff chargers can be identified by the fact that the tool stamp is in a smaller typeface than the genuine models
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