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Review TM 9-1005-223-12P, July 1959, The First TM

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This is the very first Technical Manual printed for the M14. By the numerical designation we see it covers Operator and Organizational Maintenance of the M14, and has a Special Tools Listing. Although it has a small number of pages, it is filled with early developmental items. Every part of the rifle is the earliest version and the photos show an appearance of high quality production. All the tools shown are the earliest ones too.

This manual has no heavy semi-cardboard cover like all the later TM's. It was published in a hurry, while a more durable updated substitute was being worked on. As the cover is plain paper, it gets damaged by ordinary handling. Not many of these survive. The paper is semi-gloss.

The manual consists of 17 pages and was printed by the GPO.
On a scale of 1 to 10, this one is a 10 for the foaming at the mouth collector (like me). It has not much use for anybody esle other than amusement from the early pictures.

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Be nice to have on of the "very first" types for sure ... :wink:

I'd sure like to visit your library some day ...

Thanks for sharing Bill ... :D

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