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response to inquiry about Hawk's Dummy Kit

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I received the following inquiry about my kit and thought it would be a good idea to post it for everyone's info:

"Your full dummy selector kit looks realistic, but did you ever think of including the selector spring and make it so you could turn the switch back and forth from auto to semi ?"

My response......

With all the garbage going on with the MKS issue, I don't think that having a "working" dummy would be a very good idea. Remember, the kit is for looks, not function. Also including the spring and switch would make the kit way more expensive than it is due to availability of the parts. Even the regular auto parts, which are demilled, are getting scarce at reasonable prices. I will be making improvements on the dummy kit as the parts dry up.

By Improvements, I am working with my machinist in remanufacturing redesigned kit parts as they dry up.
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