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Request for help from Chinese M14 owners re: serial numbers

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I'm trying to get a range of serial numbers on Polytech and Norinco M14 rifles in the United States. This information will go in the article at http://m14.freeservers.com/about.html

So far, I have a range for Polytech M14/S rifles. The lowest known serial number is 0653. The highest serial number reported so far is 18XXX. Has anyone seen any Polytech number lower or higher?

What about Norinco M14 Sporter rifles? What serial numbers high and low have you seen?


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My Polytech serial number is 043X. While on the subject of Polytech rifles, how about finding out what serial number range that the switch from the stampings on the heel to the side of the reciever was made. The highest number that I have seen with the stamping on the heel is 028XX.

I have two Norincos so far. They are SN: 942xx and 960xx.

942xx came in the configuration in the pic below with the flash hider and bayonet lug both cut of and what remained of the front sight base welded on.

960xx came in full blown pre-ban configuration with the flash hider and bayonet lug both intact.

Both had the same markings on the barrel about being imported my CAI from China and caliber 7.62

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Truman and TB, thank you very much. I'll add the Norinco serial numbers right now as they are the first I have for Norinco. Truman, I added the remark about the Polytech Industries S/N 028XX with the heel markings to the article. I also posted a request regarding this across the street. :D
Polytech Serial #226xx

Aloha Different:

I didn't respond earlier because I seen the SN# on your post... but here is a pic anyway... :lol:

This is the Poly from Quagmire...

Aloha and Good Luck!

Tom O.
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Thank you, Gentlemen for the assistance. I've updated the article again.
I have a polytech M14/S with a serial number of 00042...any significance here. Can provide pics if necesary, I'm not in the US though so it may not apply to your article.
Thanks, Sparrow. If you don't mind stating, what country are you in?
Oops :oops: profile updated, I'm in BC Canada, actually minutes from the Blaine WA. crossing.
Thanks, Sparrow. Welcome aboard! Mrs. Different and I were at the beach north of Bellingham, WA this past June. I think what we saw across the little bay to the north was British Columbia, Canada. 8)
Interesting Steve, I've never seen one stamped like that before.
Diffrent & Quag,
That is the same markings as are on my rifle, is it a poly or Norinco? Interesting Question, and I know two people who would like to know.
I have two Poly's and one Norinco three digit marked on the heel. When I return home following training, I'll e-mail you the numbers.
Norinco ser. # New member

:) I'm in B.C. also, although eastern area-Kootenays.
My Norinco M1A has serial # 010971 Pretty basic model-has flash hider and bayonet lug though. Are bayonets availible anywhere for these and what is a reasonable price?
Thanx, Greystoke
:lol: I mean't M-14 type Norinco of course!...Gulp!
Reactivating this thread to keep it active.
I've posted the Steve k and dighawaii photos. The new web site is www.imageseek.com/m1a It has many more photos than the old web site. :D
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