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Having this problem once a long while back myself, I can tell you the wooden dowel won't work.
The problem is a wooden dowel that is thin enough and the right size to fit into the barrel to push on the plugged patch is not strong enough for the push needed and will snap like a twig.

What you need is a good quality rod and bore guide to push that plugged patch out.
You can invest in a Dewey nylon coated which is high quality or go the little bit cheaper route and get a good Dewey brass rod and make a bore guide out of something or buy one too.

The sectional rods, even though compact to store, are terrorists looking to kill your barrel and crown.
The best system for compact and general cleaning I've found is the OTIS, but it still leaves out that rare time a patch gets stuck, where that rod is needed.
Soaking the patch with more Hoppe's cleaner/oil till it's all wet will also help unstick it and soften it for the trip down the barrel.

I use OTIS exclusively now, but still keep a Dewey brass rod and guide in my case for those unseen times.GI8





1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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