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One thing that always bugged me about the 541's was the plastic magazines. A beautiful rifle with a great big hunk of plastic ruining the look.
Well,now there is an alternative to overpriced 10 shot plastic mags , and the unobtainable 5 shot plastic mags.
John Reed is making a custom made 5 shot that's built with the quality a 541 should have. There not cheap at $68 shipped. but the quality is surely there.
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I believe he has them in blue now also
Works great in mine, feeds perfectly not a single FTF and everyone else at Rimfire Central that's tried one loves them.
If your interested:
[email protected]

ps They should fit model 77's , model 12's & model 10's also ,
but putting an all metal magazine on a nylon rifle is almost as big of sin as a plastic magazine on a wood and steel classic.
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