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Remedy for rusty M1A and HkG3 mag folowers

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Wonderng what's the best way to get rid of some minor rust build up on some of my M1A & G3 mag followers. Just noticed some of them a few days ago and wanna get rid of the problem before they get any worse. Any special tools or machines needed and is this a simple process??? Any help and step by step guidance is greatly appreciated.

Thanks! :D
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Take em apart and clean the rusty followers with 000-0000 steel wool and bore cleaner. Afterward, clean em with automotive brake cleaner and restore the bare finish areas with cold blue. Keep them coated with clp when in storage. Put a couple of dessicant packets in the storage box if you live in a humid climate.
Thanks Jwar88!

It shouldn't be too much work since it looks like just a few rust spots.

Best! :D
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