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Ask around at IDPA and IPSC matches, someone near you casts bullets and you can buy those lead bullets for $70 per 1000, sized, lubed and ready to go. If you buy powder by the 15 lb keg, from say, Graff and sons, in Mexico, MO, you will save a lot. ditto if you buy 10,000 primers at a time. Your fired cases can be reloaded about 10x each, for an autoloader, so the cost of the brass is about nothing. So the cost is really about 12c per shot. Look on Ebay for used, sometimes NIB Lee Master Loadall progressive loader, $200 or so. 1000 rds per hour, not 100 rds per hour, that is if you get the bullet feeder device. The single station presses load about 100 rds per hour, meaning that you working for about minimum wage, with $200 tied up in gear that you can't sell for more than $50. The Lee progressive will always sell for $150 or so, so it is by far the better deal.
1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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