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Here is my 2 cents, if it is even worth that! One can not have too many presses!

Like several have said, start with a single stage press and learn the processes of each step. You will need a single stage for de-priming and sizing so length can be checked and trimmed as needed. Shell length is important on the .40. After those steps a progressive works great.

I highly recommend finding a mentor in your area that would be willing to show you the steps in reloading. They can help you learn from other's mistakes, not your own. I also recommend as many manuals as you can get your hands on - Hornady, Lyman, Lee, Spear, Sierra, and so on. They all have info on how to reload, the Lee is the most detialed.

Look for a used set up. I bought mine 15 years ago used (RCBS) and got about $800 worth of equipemnt and components at the time for $250. It was well worth it and I have been adding to it ever since, each piece of equipment has it's own purpose and I can justify keeping it.

Good Luck!
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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