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I can not add much to what has already been said about the basic reloading set up. Buy good tools.

To maximize savings, you need to learn how to scrounge two things, brass and lead. Scrounging brass saves big bucks vs buying new or once fired brass. Scrounging lead lets you cast your own bullets and that gets your cost per round down as well.

Next, learn where the bulk retailers are online. Powder valley inc. or Wideners Reloading are two good places. Buy powder and primmers together, that way the hazmat fee is spread amongst several items.

Example: I like to feed my M1 Garands, they are hungry beasts. So I buy 4 eight pound jugs of IMR 4895 and a 5000 round box of Primers. The hazmat fee is 22.75 / 5 items = 4.55 per item. If you order these items seperately you are paying 22.75 hazmat fee per item.

Bulk buying powder and primers always saves money in the long run.

If you are buying jacketed bullets, keep an eye out for factory seconds, you can often get then at half price and if you buy enough you can get free shipping.

Good luck and remember you will never spend less money, you will get more rounds for the same money. The cheaper the round costs, the more you will shoot.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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