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The best way to not have a slamfire, is using hardprimers like the once from CCI. They are great in my opinion, and I use them for my M14, Carbine and Garand.
I reload 42 grains of Vitha Vuori N140 with a 146 gr Nato bullet (FMJ) or a 168gr Sierra Match King.
I trim the case at 51 millimeters exectly, and for the Nato bullet, the total lenght is 71 millimeter.
I clean, before reloading, all cases 1/2 h in a case tumbler, and after that 1/2 h they goes thru the dies. After I sized them, I put them back in the thumbler for 3,5 hour. After that, I give the neck a heat treatment (with a gasflame heating the neck of the case till its darkred, and than drop it in a bucked of water.) The case is now tension free, and reduces the chance on a splitted neck. This is not realy nececary, but I do it because some cases splitted after I had them in stock for 2 years.
When I fill the case, I always crimp the neck with a lee factory crimp die. This reduce the change that the bullet flying forward when your rifle cycles the round. It works exectly like a kinetic bullet puller hammer. I do this for the Garand and the M14 because they are very rough during the action.
After all this, I paint the primer red with the nailpolish from my girlfriend so I recongize my cases between all the others on the range.

I hope this helps you,


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