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Reloading Recipies (plz not for disaster)

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I've got some experience in reloading, but I've never done it for a semi-auto rifle. I was wondering what kind of loads you use for target shooting. The closest range to me only goes out to 200 yards, so I dont need anything too hot, basically I'm just looking for grains of powder and what type of primers you use. I'd regularly be using Winchester primers for my bolt rifles, but what works for you guys in the semi auto? Thanks.

Oh and also, slam fires, what are the possibilites of occurance/how to avoid.
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winchester primers are not soft. I don't know how anyone could come to that conclusion but they are far from soft. I had a good worn out old test rifle too to test out my idea of soft. It had a weak firing pin spring. CCi 34 and winchester were the only ones that wouldn't fire in it. rem fed and some other brand I tried, I think it was cci br all fired no problem. I have loaded every round almost that ever went in my m-14, well over 40,000 and never had a slamfire with winchesters but it once burped off half a mag with cci br primers. That was when I switched to winchester. I tried the 34 primers once in a heavy barreled target rifle I had and they turned in really bad groups compared to the winchester so I gave them up. They are ok though if you don't expect much more than moa accuracy but if you are after serious accuracy try win or in a bolt gun try br primers.
If you are concerned about slamfires then the most important thing , even more important than primers is to make sure your cases are properly fitted to your rifle. You need to do this for a 14 or m1. once you have and you are sure the die is right them lock the lockring down with locktight and I paint a line on mine to make sure I will know if it ever does move. I also use that line to make sure it is indexed right avery time on the press.
I wrote an artical all about how I set up the sizing die if you are interested.
Oh another major rule of reloading is never use someone elses load data. always start at minimum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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