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Reloading Die Question?

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Ok guys, I read thru a lot of the threads on this but could not find the answer to my question, might be dumb but here go's.

My 30:06 rcbs X die is set now for my m1. I have been setting the shoulders back about .003.to .005 and have had no problems with feeding and case head separation. Now for the question!!!

I just got my hands on a real nice 1903 Rock Island that was a rebuild in 1942 with a Springfield barrel in great shape. It must have been put away after that. I got it for a good price and want to compete in the CMP Vintage Rife Matches. Now I've been loading for bolt guns for a while so the question is, the brass set for the M1 will feed without any problems in the 03, should I continue to use this setting on the M1 die with the 03?

Now I understand the advantages of setting only the necks on the bolt guns thus saving the brass. I just don't want to invest in a new die only for the 03. I know this seems silly but in my area and can shoot three time a month at matches and I hate to reset the dies each time....

Lets hear from you !!

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Thanks for the quick reply, yes they feed well in the 03, as well as the Wilson gauge. Just wanted to get a few ideas from some of the reloading guys!!
If you handloads are feeding ok in the 03, I would shoot it and see how it works out for you. I like the idea of having 1 setting for 06 myself. Just keep an eye out for over pressure indications just in case the chamber in your 03 is way shorter than the M1.
As long as the die setting that works for your M1 also works in the 03, then there's no need to change.

I would keep the brass from each rifle separate so the 'M1 cases' are always used in the M1. and similar for the 03. That way if the cases start to show differences after several reloads, you'll have more info about whether you want to change anything.

Jay Kosta
Endwell NY USA
Thanks guys, I was planning on keeping the brass separate for each gun. I've done some work with my other bolt guns working on single shot loads, but thats a little hard to do during the rapid fire aspect of the CMP.

This lot of hxp brass is on its last loading and I just wanted to load one 10 round set to see how she will do. It seems to like that greek stuff but I cant see the thru the peep and focus on the front blade and target, blurs!!!!

Do any of you guys know if Bill Bentz is still reproducing front and rear sights for the 03? I will look him up and order a larger peep and thicker front blade, maybe this will help my sight picture!!! MAYBE NOT old EYES!!!!

Since, the rounds fit in the M1, 03, and Wilson case gauge, you are within spec. That leaves open the question how much load development do you want to do? You have different primers to work thru, different loads, different powders, different brass, different OAL's, and the list goes on and on. How does the setback from a new,fired round compare with that of your M1..If they are the same, no problem-even if they are within a couple thousands, you are still good to go. Your loads for the 03, being a bolt gun, can be hotter than those for the M1 but do not go hog wild. Stay within limits of the reloading manuals for the components you are using(remember to cut back to square one when you change ANY component). Good luck with your CMP match.

Thank you also boompusher, I tried to do three quotes but it would not let me for some reason. I just ordered a new 30:06 RCBS precision mic. I use this with my 308 M1A. Works well for me.

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