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Reinstete Clinton's Assault Weapons Ban?

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The Denver Post is at it again with a poll out asking if we should reinstate the 1994' Assault Weapon Ban. Including 10 rd magazine restrictions.
This Piece of crap was already proven not to work but these asshats want to bring it back ,
one win by the anti gunners side is quoted forever
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I'm sorry to have to let you down slowly Instructor. But you didn't inject Politics or Politicians into your post above... darn! It will have to stay now.

It can be a fine line from discussion of gun rights to politics,
there's a lot of overlap and the present "abuser in chief" running roughshod over the Constitution and the 2nd amendment from his bully pulpit,
doesn't help matters at all.
We do try to keep the rules in mind , forgive those who err in excess , this is a highly charged topic ,
the end of the 2nd and ultimately the end of this country as we know it is at stake.
But then yall know as well as we do how critical this November election is to all of our gun rights.
We all appreciate the leniency yall have had on this topic and this gun rights forum as of late.
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Looking good....

Just checked the vote ,
10,400 have voted in total.
7500 voted NO more gun laws or 72% are on our side.
2930 voted with their heads up their kazoo or 28% are anti gun sheep.
I find this 2 & 1/2 to 1 win margin refreshing especially for a blue stronghold like Denver Colorado.
That ought to rattle the blues thoroughly.
I hope they remember and vote like this in November.
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I have not seen it either but have been reprimanded about it!
There is a politics/reality check forum,
first you must ask for permission from a moderator initially to enter .
After moderator approval your "in like Flynn" from then on as long as you follow the stated rules, I hope to see yall there.
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We came , we saw , we kicked azz !!!

Checked this morning
Over 27,000 votes have been cast
86% or over 23,000 voted a resounding NO to a renewed ban
14% or 3,800 voted for an assault weapons ban
We kicked azz at a 6 to 1 rate ,
I hope this has the blues seriously rattled .

Thanks to everyone who voted
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Final Update

Just checked for the last round
With 43,912 votes cast
the NO's received 87.84% of the vote a total of 36,817 good folks are with us.
the Yea's received 12.16% of the vote a total of 5096 unfulfilled victims against us.
At a little better than 7 to 1 odds, I'd say we proved our point.
Don't think politicians haven't noticed .
Thanks to all who helped make this small victory possible.
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