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Reinstalling a front sling swivel?

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I just refinished a USGI fiberglass stock in desert tan and it turned out looking great. My question is how do you reinstall the front swivel. Mine was old and rustly so I carefully dremeled it out. Now that I have the stock totally refinished I added all new hardware and I need to install the new front swivel. I don't have the new rivets and even if I did I don't have the tools to install it I think. Are there some black screws or something special that you duys use? Any pics or helpful hints would be appreciated. I know some one has done this before with great results, just show me the way...Thanks Billy
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At one time...

billyxm15, at one time - someone offered an Allen button head type set up for that purpose - I have been looking for several sets also. Thanks for bringing the subject up again.
I used 2 button head allen screws and 2 locking nuts on the inside.
I used 1/4" Button Head Allens like M14E2 only I put the Nuts on the Outside, It's on one of my Match Rifles,I prefer Function over Form on those! :!: The Barrel and Stock are real Heavy, no room for Nuts and Lockwashers on the inside. :(
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Seen somewhere awhile back NM front swivel's for sale with the allen screw's and nut's may have been fulton that had them . Hawk use to sale a rivet kit I have one and it worked great, might want to send him a pm.
Sling hardware

This is the hardware I use to remount a sling swivel. #10-32 Pan head, hex drive 3/8" screws for synthetic and 1/2" for wood stocks. Has the added atvantage of also fitting a QD swivel stud when I want to mount my Harris bipod. Good luck.

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Orygunner, where did you get those from? That looks like a perfect setup, let me know....Billy

[email protected]
Found all the parts last night at Ace! Turned out great, I did it just like the pic above, They even had the black steel allen bolts too. thanks Billy
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