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Got the gun today, don't need this scope mount. As you can see in the pictures, it's labeled Smith Enterprise, Tempe, AZ M21

FYI, this is a see-thru rail. I test fired today using iron sights with the scope rail still mounted.
Comes with the parts listed for very similar mount from SEI, which I've also pictured. http://smithenterprise.com/inst/M14_Mount_Drwg_200808.pdf

Actual measured length from end to end is 5 & 13/32"
Could not find this length/spec from any of the standard sellers of SEI rails...I found some info that indicates it's made in or after 2006 (quoted below). The text below is from a FAQ I found and seems to have the best information describing this particular mount.

The older Smith Enterprise Weaver style rail mounts were manufactured in 1994. These mounts were marked SMITH ENT. XM-21. This scope mount was reintroduced in 2006 as part number 2024 with the marking SMITH ENTERPRISE M-21. Both Weaver style rail mounts were made using conventional machining methods.
The Smith Enterprise scope mount has a three degree upward slope on the under side of the rail, just above the rifle’s bolt. This allows ejected brass to clear the action while minimizing any contact with the mount because of varying receiver geometries among the manufacturers. This mount utilizes a cam type mounting bolt to compensate for the differing position of the bolt hole on various makes of rifles. For demonstration purposes only, Ron Smith installed a Smith Enterprise scope mount on a commercial manufacture M14 type receiver and torqued the receiver mounting bolt in increments to 140 in-lb. There was absolutely no damage to the bolt, mount or receiver. In field use, 65 in-lb of torque is sufficient for installing any scope mount. Installation instructions are included with every scope mount sold by Smith Enterprise. The mount installation instructions are also
posted at its web cite. Smith Enterprise will custom fit its M14 scope mounts to customer supplied commercial M14 type receivers.
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